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Success Stories Showreel 2023

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Pakistan’s First AI Made Movie

The Last Stand

Witness Pakistan’s pioneering AI-powered movie “The Last Stand”, brought to life by the creative minds at Pure Designers. Releasing Worldwide in 2024.

– ChatGPT for scripts & dialogues.
– ElevenLabs for voiceovers.
– Midjourney to generate images.
– RunwayML for Animation.
– SoundFul for Background Music.

Tahir Malik (C.E.O)

Editing & Sound:
Rajeel Akhtar (Creative Head)

Prompt Engineers:
Tahir Malik & Rajeel Akhtar

Let’s Flex our Creative,
Humor-Infused Portfolio

Since 2001, Pure Designers pioneers as a leading digital marketing agency in Pakistan, Crafting viral, creative and humorous content.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI, we infuse modernity into our creative endeavors, delivering innovative campaigns.

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Connect with us now to explore a world of unique, humor-driven digital marketing strategies tailored to your brand’s needs.

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Innovative use of AI to power modern marketing.

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From crafting viral content to adding a touch of humor, our team excels at it!

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Client’s Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

“Pure designer’s digital marketing services are exceptional. Their use of AI in enhancing our campaigns has significantly improved our online presence. They understood our needs and delivered beyond our expectations. We highly recommend their innovative approach.”

Pepsi Pakistan
Pepsi Pakistan

“We’ve had a fantastic experience with Pure designer’s digital marketing services. They transformed our marketing strategies, increased our audience engagement and brand visibility. Their team’s expertise and innovative solutions have been invaluable to our business growth.”

PUBG Mobile Pakistan
PUBG Mobile Pakistan

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